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  • Achieving a Sustainable Urban America: SDSN’s first U.S. Cities SDG Index

    Aug 10, 2017 — The U.S. Cities SDG Index aims to help urban leaders address the many sustainable development challenges affecting their cities. The Index covers the 100 most populous cities (measured as Metropolitan Statistical Areas, or MSAs). It synthesizes data available today across 49 indicators spanning 16 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that were agreed upon by all countries in September 2015. The data provides a more holistic and comprehensive assessment of sustainable development challenges faced by U.S. cities than available through other metrics. Results show that all U.S. cities, even those at the top of the Index, have far to go to achieve the SDGs.

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  • Permalink to: NEW Climate Action MOOC starts June 19th!

    NEW Climate Action MOOC starts June 19th!

    Join the SDG Academy's new free online course "Climate Action: Solutions for a Changing Planet" about actionable steps societies, businesses and individuals can take to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions, decarbonize the economy, and ensure a safe and prosperous climate future for all. Enroll today!

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  • Permalink to: New

    New "One Planet One Ocean" course | Enroll now!

    The ocean is under threat, stressed by careless lifestyles and the increasing demands of a growing global population. Sustainable development hinges on our collective ability to be good stewards of the ocean. One Planet - One Ocean: From Science to Solutions is a ten-week course presenting the challenges and opportunities facing oceans today. Led by the teams at GEOMAR, the International Ocean Institute, Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, and Future Ocean, the course brings in some of the world's leading experts on ocean science to present the issues and potential solutions grounded in rigorous scientific research.

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  • Permalink to: Support for Agenda 2030

    Support for Agenda 2030

    SDSN supports the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by world leaders in September 2015. The 17 goals address the challenges of economic development, social inclusion, environmental sustainability, and good governance.

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  • Permalink to: Financing for Sustainable Development

    Financing for Sustainable Development

    SDSN is working with leading organizations, government agencies, international institutions and businesses around the world to support the financing of the Agenda 2030, including the Paris Agreement on climate change.

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  • Permalink to: Upcoming Events

    Upcoming Events

    SDSN hosts events globally, convening leaders across academia, government, business, and civil society to advance solutions for sustainable development and to achieve the SDGs. These events provide a forum for collaborative efforts in addressing sustainable development challenges.

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  • Permalink to: Deep Decarbonization Pathways

    Deep Decarbonization Pathways

    The Deep Decarbonization Pathways Project (DDPP) is an SDSN Solution Initiative co-founded with the Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations (IDDRI) to prepare national low-emission development pathways to 2050, consistent with limiting the rise in global temperatures to well below 2°C, as called-for in the recently adopted Paris Agreement. The DDPP is conducted by more than 16 Country Research Teams composed of leading researchers and research institutions from countries representing more than 70% of global greenhouse emissions.

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  • Permalink to: Education for Sustainable Development

    Education for Sustainable Development

    In collaboration with educational institutions from around the world, the SDSN aims to provide quality online courses from the world’s leading experts on sustainable development, for both students and professionals.

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  • Permalink to: Thematic Networks

    Thematic Networks

    SDSN organizes solution-oriented Thematic Networks to address some of the most pressing questions relating to the implementation of the Agenda 2030. The Networks highlight priority actions, open questions, and early-stage demonstration projects. They are open to experts around the world.

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  • Permalink to: Solution Initiatives

    Solution Initiatives

    Solution Initiatives promote new technologies, business models, institutional mechanisms, policies, and combinations thereof that can accelerate progress towards sustainable development.

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  • Call for proposals: 2018 Cities and Climate Change Science Conference

    Fostering new scientific knowledge for cities based on science, practice and policy Edmonton, Canada | March 5-7, 2018 Deadline for submission: October 6, 2017 SDSN and the other partner organizations of the “Cities and Climate Change Science Conference: Fostering new scientific knowledge for cities based on science, practice and policy” are pleased to announce a call for proposals […]

  • First-Ever ‘U.S. Cities SDG Index’ Ranks American Cities Based on Sustainability Performance

    Top 100 Most Populous Cities Evaluated Using the Sustainable Development Goals New York – Today, the Sustainable Development Solutions Network, which co-produces the Global SDG Index, released the first-ever U.S. Cities SDG Index. The Index ranks the 100 most populous U.S. cities, using Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs), based on their performance on the Sustainable Development […]

  • 2017 High-Level Political Forum (HLPF)

    The first High-Level Political Forum (HLPF) was held in July 2013 and it is set to recur every year under the auspices of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), and every four years under the General Assembly. It is the official platform for monitoring progress on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Each meeting […]

  • Plastic Busters: Realizing #SDG14 in the Mediterranean

      Marine litter has become a pervasive environmental problem affecting the world’s seas. It is widely documented that marine litter, such as plastics and derelict fishing gear, have negative impacts on human livelihood, marine wildlife, marine ecosystems, beach quality, navigational safety, and fishing and maritime industries. In recognition of this global issue, a number of […]

  • Local Solutions in the African Great Lakes

    On July 12, 2017, SDSN Great Lakes held a conference in Kigali, Rwanda, on “Local Solutions to Achieve the SDGs” in partnership with the University of Rwanda College of Business and Economics. The network Chair, Françoise Kayitare Tengera, opened the day by welcoming the network members who traveled from Burundi, Congo, Kenya, and Uganda. Dr. Belay […]

  • Launch of the SDG Index & Dashboard 2017 in Spain

    Presentation of the SDG Index and Dashboards 2017 in Spain: “Spain is still far from exercising leadership in sustainability” The Spanish SDSN REDS (Red Española para el Desarollo Sostenible) on Wednesday introduced the results of the SDG Index & Dashboards 2017 for Spain Spain ranks 25th of 157 countries included in the report For the […]

  • SDG16 Data Initiative launches inaugural Global Report

    SDSN is proud to participate in the launch of the inaugural Global Report of the SDG16 Data Initiative to assess progress toward realizing the 2030 Agenda’s commitment to peaceful, just, and inclusive societies. The 2017 Global Report is intended to provide governments, UN officials, and civil society stakeholders with a resource for tracking progress on […]

  • Are Orphanages for Orphans?

    By Duna Susie Lee, PhD Candidate in Biological Anthropology, Department of Anthropology, College of Arts and Sciences, New York University (NYU) The answer to this question is no and no. To see the first no, try to answer a follow up question: Among 100 children in a residential institution, how many children are orphans? You may be surprised […]

  • Ahead of G20 Summit: ‘My Country First’ Approach Threatens Achievement of Global Goals

    Two years after the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted by all UN member states, leaders at the G20 summit in Hamburg must strengthen the commitment towards these historic global goals. A rising “my country first” approach by many heads of government threatens the realization of the SDGs. Even worse: International spillover effects caused by many industrialized countries impede many developing countries from fulfilling their obligations.

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