University of Cambodia aims to promote academic excellence and provide quality education for students to develop critical, analytical and creative thinking so they can make well-founded and ethical decisions and thus be part of an informed citizenry who can address the increasingly complex issues facing them in society and to discover meanings in their own lives. To this end, the University aims to encourage diversity in its student body and meet the needs of students (and thus the community at large) by providing them with interdisciplinary and innovative undergraduate, graduate and professional courses as part of US-style degree programmes. One way towards achieving this ambition is through developing ties at national, regional and international levels; arising out of this is another, nascent approach to promote locally-relevant research essential for the future development of Cambodia.

Member Projects

1. Freshwater aquaculture development in Cambodia: proposal for a nationwide study of the problems encountered in establishing sustainable freshwater fish-farming.
2. Other proposals are being developed.

Areas of Expertise