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SDSN Reports

  • ICT&SDG_InterimReport_Web-1

    ICT & SDGs

    The SDGs call for several breakthroughs by the year 2030, including an end to extreme poverty and hunger, while improving access to healthcare and education, protecting the environment and building peaceful and inclusive societies. This report, written by Professor Jeffrey Sachs and a team of multidisciplinary experts at the Earth Institute, SDSN and Ericsson, highlights how Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is fundamental to achieving the UN Sustainable Developments Goals (SDGs), and can even help to accelerate their achievement.

Thematic Network Reports

SDSN Issue Briefs

Working Papers

  • Investment Needs to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals: Understanding the Billions and Trillions

    This paper proposes an analytical framework for SDG needs assessments that translates the 17 SDGs into eight investment areas and integrates climate change adaptation and mitigation. It reviews available needs assessments to provide a first, preliminary estimate of incremental public and private investment needs to meet the goals. The paper also presents a financing analysis and discusses major gaps in our understanding of how the SDGs can be financed.

  • Data for Development: A Needs Assessment for SDG Monitoring and Statistical Capacity Development

    This study, prepared by a broad coalition of data for development experts convened by SDSN, attempts to respond to that challenge. ‘Data for Development: A Needs Assessment for SDG Monitoring and Statistical Capacity Development’ estimates that the IDA-eligible countries will need to spend $1 billion a year to upgrade their statistical systems and carry out regular data collection for the SDGs.

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