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SDSN Reports

  • cover from WHR15

    World Happiness Report 2015

    The World Happiness Report 2015, released on April 23, 2015, looks at the changes in happiness levels in 158 countries, and examines the reasons behind the statistics. The WHR demonstrates that well-being and happiness are critical indicators of a nation’s economic and social development, and should be a key aim of policy.

  • world_happiness_report_2013_cvr

    World Happiness Report 2013

    As heads of state get ready for the United Nations General Assembly in two weeks, the second World Happiness Report further strengthens the case that well-being should be a critical component of how the world measures its economic and social development.

Thematic Group Reports

SDSN Issue Briefs

  • The Roles of Public and Private Development Finance

    This issue brief summarizes the key findings of the recently released SDSN Working Paper Financing Sustainable Development regarding the terminology of international development finance, and the roles that different financing flows and providers will play in financing the SDGs.

  • Goal-based Investment Partnerships – Lessons for the Addis FfD Conference

    This issue brief, based on the recently released SDSN Working Paper Financing Sustainable Development, presents a seven-part framework for developing effective goal-based partnerships for the SDGs. It draws on lessons from the implementation of the MDGs, with a particular focus on health.

Working Papers

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