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SDGs Cities Guide Cover

Getting Started with the SDGs in Cities

Getting Started with the SDGs in Cities outlines how cities can get started with implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in cities and human settlements. Effective and decisive action on sustainable development at the local level, within all cities and human settlements, is crucial to the success of Agenda 2030.

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Preliminary Sustainable Development Goal Index and Dashboard

The SDSN has prepared a preliminary country-level SDG Index and SDG Dashboard using data available today to measuring SDG achievement across the 17 SDGs. A public consultation is open until the 31st of March 2016.

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SDSN Reports

  • ICT & SDGs Final Report Cover

    ICT & SDGs

    The SDGs call for several breakthroughs by the year 2030, including an end to extreme poverty and hunger, while improving access to healthcare and education, protecting the environment and building peaceful and inclusive societies. This report, written by Professor Jeffrey Sachs and a team of multidisciplinary experts at the Earth Institute, SDSN and Ericsson, highlights how Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is fundamental to achieving the UN Sustainable Developments Goals (SDGs), and can even help to accelerate their achievement.

Thematic Network Reports

  • Mapping Mining to the Sustainable Development Goals: An Atlas

    CCSI, SDSN, UNDP, and WEF have released a revised version of the report, which was initially released for public consultation in January 2016. The new report incorporates hundreds of comments received and in-person feedback from stakeholders.

  • Bridging the humanitarian-development divide

    The growing humanitarian challenges and their implications for long-term sustainable development will be a cross-cutting theme of the World Humanitarian Summit, and are already at the forefront of daily politics in much of the world. This paper frames the key issues around the humanitarian-development divide, in preparation for the SDSN side event“Making the SDGs work for […]

SDSN Issue Briefs

Working Papers

  • Indicators and a Monitoring Framework for FfD: Proposals for Follow-up and Review of the Addis Ababa Action Agenda

    This paper considers what aspects of the AAAA are already being monitored by the SDG indicator framework and identifies gaps, before reviewing a sample set of issues that should be measured using additional AAAA-specific indicators. It also presents options for establishing an indicator-based global monitoring process, as well as complementary monitoring processes at regional and national levels, and amongst non-governmental actors. It critically evaluates the feasibility of each option, setting out key recommendations for Member States.

  • Investment Needs to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals: Understanding the Billions and Trillions

    This paper proposes an analytical framework for SDG needs assessments that translates the 17 SDGs into eight investment areas and integrates climate change adaptation and mitigation. It reviews available needs assessments to provide a first, preliminary estimate of incremental public and private investment needs to meet the goals. The paper also presents a financing analysis and discusses major gaps in our understanding of how the SDGs can be financed.

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