Created in 1984, the Instituto Dominicano de Desarrollo Integral, Inc. (IDDI) is a Dominican based non-profit organization whose primary objective is to contribute to the socioeconomic transformation of individuals, families and communities, so that they, both collectively and individually, can have a reasonable opportunity to live a productive and healthy life, each in accordance to his/her needs, interests and potential.

IDDI concentrates its activities in rural and urban areas of the Dominican Republic and Haiti, working for, directly or indirectly, approximately 1,280,000 people. IDDI has the ability to bring together different sectors, such as private and public institutions, international organizations, cooperation agencies, local and national governments, as well as, community-based organizations.

It must be remarked that the organization created the Climate Change and Sustainable Development Center (CCDS, Spanish Acronym) as an institutional initiative to contribute towards to the mentioned issues, making them a country-wide priority. The center´s focuses are research, education, and sustainable development, as well as, the strengthening of governance for climate change, on a local and national level, while promoting public-private-community partnerships. Some relevant experiences in Climate Change are:

  • Creation of Climaccion, a multi-sectorial platform to maximize resources to Climate Change initiatives.
  • A National Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation Report, developed by IDDI to provide decision-makers with critical baseline information for policy formulation.
  • Leading organization in formulating DR’s Climate Change country-position in the framework of the COP’s (Copenhagen 2009, Cancun 2010 and Durban 2011) on a National Consultation Process.
  • Public Awareness and education with two national Climate Change campaigns.
  • IDDI is the Dominican representative on the Civil Society Observer Committee of the Climate Investment Fund (CIF), since 2011.
  • IDDI has been selected by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, as the National Implementing Entity (NIE) to the Adaptation Fund in DR.