The Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations (IDDRI) is a non-profit policy research institute based in Paris. Its objective is to determine and share the keys for analyzing and understanding strategic issues linked to sustainable development from a global perspective. IDDRI helps stakeholders in deliberating on global governance of the major issues of common interest: action to attenuate climate change, to protect biodiversity, to enhance food security and to manage urbanisation. IDDRI also takes part in efforts to reframe development pathways.

A special effort has been made to develop a partnership network with emerging countries to better understand and share various perspectives on sustainable development issues and governance. For more effective action, IDDRI operates with a network of partners from the private sector, academia, civil society and the public sector, not only in France and Europe but also internationally.

As an independent institute, IDDRI mobilises resources and expertise to disseminate the most relevant scientific ideas and research ahead of negotiations and decision-making processes.

It applies a cross-cutting approach to its work, which focuses on five themes — global governanceenergy and climate changebiodiversityurban fabricagriculture — and one cross-disciplinary programme — new prosperity.

As a Sciences Po partner, IDDRI’s experts are highly involved in teaching and in developing research programs.

As a non-profit research institution acting for the common good, the institute posts all of its analyses and proposals free of charge on its website.