The Foundation is a fully tax-exempt organization established with the Mission to reduce infant mortality and improve health and living conditions in low-income countries, by accelerating development and production of new, affordable life-saving vaccines to eliminate neglected infectious diseases and by training local health workers, thereby reducing poverty. The Foundation is concentrating its activities on Enteric and Diarrheal Diseases, still causing around 1 million deaths every year in children under 5 in L.I.C.s: effective vaccines to protect children against most of these diseases are still not available. The Foundation is actively looking for partners and funders to make these vaccines available as soon as possible, therefore sparing hundreds of thousands of innocent lives every year.

Member Projects

  1. Affordable vaccine against Typhoid Fever effective in children and infants for developing countries
  2. Affordable vaccine against invasive Non-Typhoid Salmonella for children in Africa
  3. Affordable Shigella vaccine for developing countries
  4. Epidemiology studies on diseases of poverty conducted in the endemic countries
  5. Training courses for M.D.s and health personnel form LICs

Areas of Expertise