Environmental Ambassadors For Sustainable Development is an association of experts that was established to advance, popularize and promote scientific research in the areas of: sustainable development, environmental protection, and education through research, consultancy, expert analysis, innovation, education, and promotion.

Member Projects

  1.  Post Rio+20 process participation: contributing and participating in different actions, events and with position papers;
  2. Regional Environmental Cohesion: the Environmental Cohesion Initiative, as the strategic concept, is a visionary perspective, promoting “environment as the no-borders concept” and “environmental soft diplomacy” tool for regional cooperation;
  3. Environment to Europe: this project aims to raise awareness of the importance of  the UNECE  Ministerial “Environment for Europe”  Belgrade 2007 Conference and mobilizes interested parties in Serbia and Region to catalyze environmental and sustainable development objectives;
  4. Education for sustainable development: implement international program called “Eco-Schools”, as well as summer camps on Ecological Footprints;  
  5. Eco-certification for sustainable development: Implementation of international programs Blue Flag and Green Key.

Areas of Expertise