The 2019 Africa SDG Index and Dashboards Report is a call for action not only to meet the SDGs but also to ensure timely and high-quality data on SDG indicators. The report focuses on the efforts that African governments are taking to incorporate the SDGs into their national strategies, budgets, public engagements, and coordination among branches of government. Governments have a unique and central role to play in achieving the UN’s Agenda 2030 as well as Africa’s own Agenda 2063, which will continue beyond the SDG timeline. While good governance is a Sustainable Development Goal in its own right (SDG 16), the active role of government is instrumental to every other SDG as well.

The 2019 report ranks 52 African countries based on 97 indicators across all 17 goals. Seychelles and Libya are excluded due to insufficient data coverage. The SDG Index score signifies a country’s position between the worst (0) and best (100) outcomes. Tunisia tops this year’s ranking with a score of 66.01, meaning that the country is 66% of the way towards achieving the SDGs, according to our methodology

While the 2018 report included only 11 countries in the preliminary analysis of SDG implementation, this report includes all 54 African countries.