This past October, the SDG Institute at Tsinghua University, SDSN, and Eco Forum Global met in Beijing to outline shared work on developing an Ecological Civilization rating for Belt and Road Initiative countries.

The signed MOU represents an exciting opportunity to draw upon SDSN’s experience with the SDG Index and Dashboards, and Tsinghua University’s and Eco Forum Global’s expertise on Ecological Civilization and sustainable development policy in China.

The collaboration has the objective of creating an Ecological Civilization rating that helps guide and inform BRI investment decisions based on the principles of Ecological Civilization. It will also seek to educate actors outside of China on Ecological Civilization, which is a centerpiece of President Xi Jianping’s policy and has been enshrined in the Chinese constitution. Even though there is no single definition of Ecological Civilization, it is generally understood as an overarching philosophy that takes a holistic approach to ensuring the wellbeing of people and the natural environment. This is where SDSN’s network will come in: to help educate and share the concept of Ecological Civilization with the broader sustainable development community.