The SDSN Association is an independent 501(c)(3) organization, incorporated in the state of Delaware in March 2014 to support the UN SDSN in promoting sustainable development. It hosts two flagship initiatives:

First, the Secretariat of the UNSDSN, which supports and manages the Sustainable Development Solutions Network.

Second, the SDG Academy, the online education initiative of the UN SDSN.

The SDSN Association serves as the institutional home of the UN SDSN and manages its relations with donors and partners, and ensures that the work of the UNSDSN complies with all US and international laws. The SDSN Association is managed by a team based in New York. The Executive Committee of the UN SDSN serves as an Advisory Board to the SDSN Association. The SDSN Association reports on all fiduciary, legal and operational matters to its Board of Directors (below).

SDSN Association Team

Board of Directors