Mr. Djaffar Shalchi is originally from Tehran, Iran, where he was born in 1961. He has lived in Copenhagen, Denmark since 1970. In 1977, Djaffar met a lovely Danish girl, Ané Maro, with whom he is now married and has two amazing children. Today, Djaffar Shalchi is a proud husband, father and grandfather, residing only a few feet away from the new generation.

Djaffar obtained a bachelor’s degree in constructional engineering in 1988. In 1999 he decided that he was ready to become self-employed. Djaffar founded his own construction company, which flourished rapidly and led to great financial success.

Djaffar is an accomplished entrepreneur in the property development business and at the forefront of philanthropic activities focusing on ending extreme poverty. After successfully building up many property companies, Djaffar decided to dedicate the majority of his time and fortune to eradicate extreme poverty.

Danish welfare capitalism is designed to foster social mobility and equality of opportunity, and the system made it possible for Djaffar to climb the ladder of success, even as an immigrant. The advanced social tax system financed Djaffar’s free higher education and social security, enabling Djaffar to start his own business. Djaffar and his wife wish that all the world’s children could have the same opportunities. They both want to give these children a better life, and they are determined to never forget to give back to those who are less fortunate. Therefore, they decided to start the Human Act Foundation and Project Move Humanity, focusing on extreme Poverty.

Filled with love for humanity, Djaffar Shalchi is committed to making a difference and to inspire others to do the same.