WE-Nepal is a registered not-for-profit organization established in 1990. WE-Nepal has had extensive experience with various partners in numerous fields and projects, including universities (e.g., Kathmandu University), international community partners (e.g., UNDP, World Bank, DANIDA, WWF, IUCN, ICIMOD), Government, local civil society groups, and consumers at the grassroots level. WE-Nepal is partnering with Nepal Government/World Bank projects for providing clean drinking water, sanitation and health, and poverty alleviation to empower local women through more than 60 cluster groups of consumers at the grassroots. Similarly, WE-Nepal is also a member of Nepal National Committee (NNC) of IUCN-Nepal.

Ongoing projects:

•    Living with Climate Change (LCC): LCC is an international partnership across Nepal, India, Pakistan and Canada that seeks to understand how individuals, communities and nations understand and adapt to environmental change, with a particular focus on the most vulnerable populations. With the main focus of “Mapping Experience and Adaptation in the Global South and North,” it aims to generate new knowledge regarding how people are affected and adapting to the impacts of climate change and how these adaptations are shaped and modified by social, political and physical contexts.

•    Sanitation, rural water supply, environmental protection and agricultural training program in cooperation with Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Fund Development Board, supported by World Bank (RWSSFDB) and The Government of Nepal.

•    Poverty Alleviation Project: Income-generating, advocacy and skills development programs aimed at enhancing the livelihood of vulnerable communities of Mahottari district. Since 2006 Poverty Alleviation Fund (PAF) supports the project.