The Water and Environmental Studies Institute (WESI) at An-Najah National University (ANU) was established in June 2001, as a result of upgrading Water and Environmental Studies Center founded in 1994. The main objective of WESI is to serve the Palestinian community’s needs in terms of studying, monitoring, describing, controlling, and following up all issues and aspects related to the present and future state of water and environment in Palestine. WESI has been created to achieve the following goals: – Oversee and manage the MSc program in Water and Environmental Engineering and the MSc program in Environmental Sciences. – Develop the curricula of the two master programs in line with national needs – Develop research plans and priorities to highlight the water and environmental problems in Palestine and the methods of solving them. – Conduct all laboratory tests needed by the community on water, wastewater, soil, air and plants. – Act as a technology and know-how transfer base for water and environmental aspects through:
. Scientific library that includes water and an environment data bank for Palestine and the neighboring countries;
. Publish periodical public awareness leaflets and publications to educate the public and raise its environmental awareness;
. Hold seminars, workshops, lectures and technical training courses to raise awareness and increase local know-how;
. Prepare mathematical and numerical simulation models to solve water and environmental problems both at the national and international levels;
. Strengthen the partnership with the Palestinian Authority institutions through long-term agreements; and
. Offer consultancy services to the Palestinian National Authority in projects and plans related to water resources and other environmental issues. WESI can also offer consultancy to local as well as international development organizations in preparing feasibility studies and evaluating existing or future projects and research.

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