Venice International University (VIU) is an International Network of Universities and Institutions founded in 1995, with its own Campus on the island of San Servolo in the Venice Lagoon. It aims at building the capacity of stakeholders, ranging from undergraduate students to professionals and policy makers, and preparing them to face the global challenges of today.

Member Projects

  • Advanced Training Program on Sustainable Development: addressed to Policy-makers from emerging countries (China, East Europe, Central Asia, Turkey, Mexico, MENA countries and others), it offers short training courses on all topics of Sustainable Development, with best practices and site visits;
  • Globalization Program: interdisciplinary courses English-taught by Professors from VIU Member Universities, each Spring Term is devoted to Sustainable Development and Globalization;
  • Green Growth: Research project that offers a critical assessment of today’s debate on Green Growth;
  • Workshop: “Greening the Green Revolution: Food Security, Safety and Quality” (dec. 12-13): VIU regularly organizes international workshop for researchers, experts and professors on a variety of topics linked to Sustainable Development;
  • Summer Schools: VIU Summer Term is devoted to Summer Schools and other similar experiences, some of which focusing on issues of Environmental Management.

Areas of Expertise