UONGOZI Institute supports African leaders to attain sustainable development for their nations and for Africa.

We seek to inspire leaders and promote the recognition of the important role of leadership in sustainable development.

Sustainable development is vital for humanity; the needs of future generations cannot be ignored to satisfy the needs of people today. However, achieving a positive balance between economic, social and environmental concerns is a complex task for any nation. There are inevitable trade-offs as a country strives to achieve social and economic equity for its citizens. There can also be differing needs and perceptions of developmental issues within national, regional and international contexts.

Recognizing that sustainable development cannot happen without sound leadership, and there is an inextricable link between leadership and sustainable development, UONGOZI Institute works with leaders across Africa, as they are the drivers of sustainable development. We aim to provide tangible and long-lasting benefits to sustainable development in Africa through our work with leaders.

Who we work with
We work with senior leaders who have a demonstrable impact upon society, as well as those recognized as emerging leaders with the potential to make a positive impact. Our clientele includes senior politicians and government officials, at the level of deputy directors and above, as well as chief executive officers of key institutions. The Institute’s current focus is predominantly on supporting leaders from the public service sector in Tanzania, though our programmes will increasingly reach out to outstanding individuals working in public service, the private sector and civil society throughout Africa.

Our programmes are designed to enable leaders to think critically about their important role in national development, understand the complexities of their role and the implications of their actions, as well as the expectations others have of them.

We believe that the best outcomes are achieved by providing services across four interlinked and mutually-supportive platforms: training; research; networking; and policy dialogue. This holistic approach to leadership development is the strength of UONGOZI Institute’s services. Our programmes reflect the varying needs of our clientele, as well as the diverse and complex nature of issues on the development agenda.