The University of Southampton combines academic excellence with an innovative and entrepreneurial approach to research, supporting a culture that engages and challenges students and staff in their pursuit of learning. Sustainability Science at Southampton (SSS) is an internationally recognised centre of interdisciplinary research excellence advancing the understanding of complex socio-ecological systems, taking the lead in innovation for sustainability and making a significant contribution towards alleviating some of society’s global dilemmas. The group is part of the University’s wider agenda on multidisciplinary research and represents one of the University of Southampton Strategic Research Groups (USRGs).

Member Projects

We have five research themes as part of the Sustainability Science Research Group:

  1. Development and ecosystem services research at SSS focuses on the interdisciplinary science that underpins sustainable development within the context of strong and sustainable ecosystem services and the benefits people gain from the natural environment.
  2. Complex socio-ecological systems research at SSS provides insight and understanding of complex socio-ecological systems in order to improve the scientific basis for sustainable development.
  3. Biodiversity and ecosystem services research at SSS advances our understanding of which components of biodiversity underpin specific ecosystem services and how these stocks of biodiversity link to the human beneficiaries of ecosystem services.
  4. Adapting to climate change research at SSS provides insight into all aspects of adaptation to climate change at multiple scales, from individual species and system components, to aggregations along ecological or social dimensions.
  5. We are also involved in a number of wider-sustainability projects which include research on how water consumption is affected by price and information.

Areas of Expertise