The University of Rome “Tor Vergata” was founded in 1982 in the southern part of Rome and rapidly became the largest public campus in Europe counting more than 33,000 students, and 5,200 students are from Economics Faculty. It has currently over 200 international agreements and extensive ERASMUS and LEONARDO networks. The area chosen from the new University, a large open space in the countryside, has allowed the university to expand and develop a wide access network far from the city’s congested traffic. The search for quality and efficiency was not the only criterion used for building these facilities, but also to achieve effective organization and planning of its academic and research program. The university has a solid reputation in managing EU funded projects. At central level a major contribution in competing at EU level is giving by the European Research office and the Jean Monnet center of Excellence. The first one provides technical and managerial support to professors and researchers who want to participate to a EU call while the second one aims at Economics has approximately 4,000 students enrolled. It hosts a library with more than thirty-thousand catalogue monographs and over two thousand magazines and scientific journals (many of which available online), a data processing center, a language lab, an Erasmus office and a graduate employment opportunities office which promotes links between graduates and enterprises.