1. The provision of courses for education, training, research, the field of Human Development and Sustainable Development Cooperation and Peace; 2. Support for the training of new generations of scientists, engineers and professionals who are able to work for the promotion of human and sustainable development at local and international levels; 3. The identification, development and coordination of human resources present at the university of Modena and Reggio Emilia available to work for the promotion of human development, social, technical and economic development of the countries involved in cooperation projects for development and the fight against poverty and for the respect of human rights; 4. The promotion of relations between the University and institutional entities, Deputies to the purposes set out as soon as they can actively contribute to the implementation of concrete initiatives and the activation of joint projects; with particular reference to public and private entities in the area of influence of the university. 5. The promotion of active participation of the various actors involved in cooperation, as usual methodology of work. 6. Participation wing inter-university network established with the support of our university by the Memorandum of Understanding of the ” University Coordination for Development Cooperation “.