UG mainly aims at becoming a University of reference in this sub-region for sustainable cooperation at the national, sub-regional, and international level in training competitive graduates who are shaped into career-oriented professionals with a bright future. This private institution is making efforts to create new horizons in the arena of technical education and research. Curriculum innovation is given a priority by the institution to make the courses industry- and research-oriented. The dedicated and qualified faculty members routinely preach and practice for outcome-based learning which leads towards an excellent academic career for the betterment of the students. Its main vision is to be a world-class innovative, competitive, and up-to-date academic institution providing technological and other inputs appropriate to the branch of study, a student has chosen to specialize.

In short, this higher learning institution provides a well-balanced, high-quality education in Science, Health, and Education for the graduating students enabling them to contribute for the growth of knowledge, gaining experience in problem-solving through excellence and uniqueness in teaching, research, and service. Relying on the Seventh-Day Adventist Church Philosophy, UG shall imbibe a sense of appreciation with a broad understanding of human values and shall develop the expertise needed for transforming the world into a better place.