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The mission of The University of Auckland is to be a research-led, international  university, recognised for excellence in teaching, learning, research, creative work, and administration, for the significance of its contribution to the advancement of knowledge and its commitment to serve its local, national and international  communities. Our values reflect our commitment to:  

  • Conserving, advancing and disseminating knowledge through teaching, learning, research and creative work of the highest standard;  
  • creating a diverse, collegial scholarly community in which individuals are valued and respected,  academic freedom is exercised with intellectual rigour and high ethical standards, and critical enquiry is encouraged;
  • Placing a strong emphasis on serving our student body;  
  • Working to advance the intellectual, cultural, environmental, economic and social well-being of the peoples of Auckland and New Zealand;
  • Recognising a special relationship with Māori under the Treaty of Waitangi;  
  • Providing equal opportunities to all who have the potential to succeed in a university of high international standing;  
  • Engaging with national and international scholars, educational and research institutions to enhance intellectual development, educational quality and research productivity;
  • The development and commercialisation of enterprise based on the University’s research and creative works, and  
  • Providing high quality management marked by open, transparent, responsive, and accountable academic and administrative policies, practices and services.