The Center for Sustainable International Development at the University of Aberdeen. The Centre espouses an inter-disciplinary, multi-sectoral approach and recognizes that future long-term research must be coordinated across all areas of sustainable development to maximize impact in least developed countries. The four principles underpinning the work of the Centre are:

  1. A commitment to equity and social inclusion; promoting equal access to sustainable development for all citizens and the enhancement of human dignity and protection of the human rights of all persons.
  2. Interdisciplinary, evidence-informed, needs-based and results-oriented research, monitoring and evaluation contributing to policy and sustainable development.
  3. Multi-sectoral, age, gender and diversity-sensitive innovative approaches, involving partners at all levels within public, private and non-profit sectors.
  4. Consistency with United Kingdom international development strategy and research priorities and internationally adopted commitments.

The Centre raises awareness about sustainable international development amongst staff and students and catalyses new efforts. It provides strategic direction for the work of the University to maximize existing expertise and identify potential.