The University Institute of Development and Cooperation (IUDC) is a center of higher education, scientific research and technical assistance of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, established with the aim of promoting teaching and research in the field of development. This is the first Institute of its kind in the Spanish university system.

The IUDC was established in 1992 as an initiative of a multidisciplinary team of professionals, professors and researchers committed to the problems of development and North-South relations, which since 1987 was involved in training and research activities in the field of cooperation and local development. The creation of the Institute responded to three main objectives: to link the university and professional world from the perspective of applied research, to insert in the university system the courses of cooperation that had been carried out in previous years, and to contribute from the reflection and the scientific analysis to the improvement of policies, strategies and methodologies used in the field of development cooperation.