Université Laval has endowed its Institut Hydro‐Québec en environnement, développement et société (Institut EDS) with the mandate to promote a wide and transversal understanding of environmental challenges and to identify novel and innovative avenues towards sustainable development. The Institut EDS seeks to establish a knowledge platform for the shared use of the Université Laval community, designed to impulse and coordinate initiatives in the various fields of environment protection and directly targeted towards problem-solving.

Hence, the Institute encourages research and intersectoral dialogue, with a focus on the relationships between natural, economic and social systems and on the impact of their respective dynamics on social progress, and promotes the diffusion of knowledge.

Member Projects

Université Laval-Institut EDS is involved in a wide range of activities related to socio-economic, physical and biological aspects of sustainable development. These activities are developed through the initiatives of its faculty members, research centers and Institutes.

  1. Projects in the Arctic region, including studies of the consequences of permafrost thawing, the effect of climate change on tree colonization areas, and the establishment of community greenhouses in arctic villages, so as to improve nutrition and food security.
  2. Projects on water management and ecology and sustainable exploitation of resources in the Saint-Lawrence river catchment basin.
  3. Various projects on plant genetics, exploitation and ecology, designed to improve sustainability of forestry and agriculture and to develop better processes for food and energy production, for production of plant-derived materials and for bioremediation.
  4. Various projects on business administration, policies and economic issues relating to environmental protection and sustainable development.
  5. Large-scale projects directed towards the conservation and rehabilitation of fragile or damaged environments, including wetlands and areas subjected to bituminous sand exploitation.


Areas of Expertise