Mission of the University:

The purpose that justifies the existence of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and its strategic goals goal is to provide the Brazilian society to dominate, extend, grow, implement and disseminate the universal heritage of human knowledge, enabling all its members to act as a transformative force. More specifically, the university aims to complete the full education of the student, preparing them to:
– Perform higher level professionals;
– Valuing the multiple forms of knowledge and expression, technical and scientific, artistic and cultural;
– Exercise of citizenship;
– Reflect critically about the society in which he lives;
– Participate in the effort to overcome the social and regional inequalities;
– Commit to building a socially just society, environmentally responsible, respectful of diversity and free from all forms of oppression or discrimination of class, gender, ethnicity or nationality;
– Fight for universal citizenship and the consolidation of democracy;
– Contribute to the national and international solidarity.