UNIMED, Mediterranean Universities Union, founded in the early 90s, is an Association of Universities from countries in the Euro-Mediterranean basin. UNIMED’s main aim is to develop scientific and educational cooperation in the Euro-Mediterranean region, in order to contribute to the process of integration between the two Mediterranean shores.

Member Projects

  • Mediterranean Science, Policy, Research & Innovation Gateway Med-SPRING – aims to contribute to the quality of the Euro-Mediterranean research area, particularly the bi-regional Euro-Mediterranean Science and Technology cooperation, policy dialogue and cooperation monitoring, and is focused on three societal challenges: scarcity of resources (main focus: water), high quality affordable food and renewable energy
  • TEMPUS project: PRO-GREEN: Joint/Dual Professional Graduate Diploma and Professional Degree in Green Technologies which aims at establishing a Joint Professional degree in Green Technology. The degree will focus on three vital concentrations, namely: Renewable Energy; Green Buildings and Water
  • ENPI Project: “Future of the Past” (project selected and under negotiation by the European Commission), aiming at involving and train local and national actors and authorities for developing new strategies and action plans on tourism; To create a cross-border model of socio-economic cooperation valid for high tourist value sites, able to generate more significant tourist flow; To create a Mediterranean Network to promote institutional, economic and tourist cross border cooperation at “Historical Centres” level, exploiting new technologies and creating Mediterranean integrated tourist offers
  • Viajeo PLUS is to benchmark outstanding solutions for innovative and green urban mobility in Europe, Latin America, China and Singapore and subsequently facilitate the uptake of these solutions across different cities in these regions, and Mediterranean Partner Countries (MPCs)

Areas of Expertise