The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA) was founded by presidential order on September 20, 2010. This foundation involved the merger of two previously existing academies: The Academy of National Economy (ANE), which was established in 1977, and the Russian Academy of Public Administration (RAGS), established in 1991. The merger also brought together 12 other state educational institutions.

Both of the merged academies had already earned reputations as leaders in training the nation’s political elite. From the moment of its creation in 1977, ANE prided itself as the breeding grounds for future ministers. With the fall of the Soviet Union, ANE changed its strategic model from training members of the Nomenclatura to providing high-quality business education for a new generation of leaders by becoming an institute of higher education that offers all types of education services in the field of management. Meanwhile, RAGS has traditionally been a leader in training staff for state and municipal services.

To align teaching at RANEPA with the global trends and requirements of internationally competitive education.
To deliver globally competitive scientific research and expert support to the government.

The key competence field of RANEPA is management development in the broad context of global and national political, socio-economic, historic, legal, as well as cultural environments. Built on this broad humanitarian platform RANEPA focuses on three fundamental tasks: training of public officials, business education, and policy research.

Two economic philosophies, which personify the business and the state, harmoniously co-exist and interact in the RANEPA programs, raising the bar of the requirements for professional management in Russia.