There are 46 million people enslaved around the world today. Target 8.7 calls for an end to slavery by 2030. At the University of Nottingham we have built the world’s first large-scale research platform for ending slavery. Home to the world’s leading experts on contemporary slavery, including Kevin Bales CMG, we are working to help achieve a slavery-free world in our lifetime. We combine our research-led strategies with the on-the-ground expertise of our NGO partners, working with the leading antislavery organisations to implement new strategies in slavery hot-spot regions around the world. Our rigorous research can equip governments and campaigners around the world with the knowledge and policies to defeat slavery. Our work is also survivor-engaged, shaped by people who have lived through slavery. We work to understand the full nature and extent of slavery, explain its causes and consequences, design research-led interventions that pilot new approaches to combatting slavery, and monitor and evaluate antislavery efforts.