In June 2006, HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco decided to set up his Foundation in order to address the alarming threats hanging over our planet’s environment. The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation works for the protection of the environment and the promotion of sustainable development. The Foundation supports initiatives conducted by public and private organizations within the fields of research, technological innovation and activities to raise awareness of the social issues at stake.

Member Projects

  1. The Monaco Blue Initiative (MBI) : since 2010, The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and the Oceanographic Institute organize the event, the them is “ Making the best marine resources : ecological and economic challenges” –
  2. Mr GoodFish : This program is a campaign on the sustainable consumption of seafood products, launched under the umbrella of the World Ocean Network, the Foundation is in charge to promote this program for South of France –
    On this field, the foundation has also launched a campaign to protect the Bluefine Tuna –
  3. Centre for Social Excellence in the Congo Basin forests : The Forest Trust (TFT), The project is based on the observation that human and social issues significantly slow down the implementation of sustainable forest management in Central Africa. –
  4. Les Greniers du Sahel (Sahel Storehouses) : within ITERRae in Niger, Burkina, Sénégal, The Sahel Storehouses are self-contained, semi-modern and eco friendly infrastructures for the cold storage of onions and other perishable goods, designed for rural areas in hot and dry regions with no electricity supply. –
  5. Water project in Burkina : within One Drop, The aim of the Water project is to improve socio-economical living conditions in the villages of Banfora, Bérégadougou, Moussodougou in the Cascades region and in the villages of Péni and in the Hauts-Bassins region. Improvement will focus on access to sustainable water for drinking, hygiene, production, cleaning, and microfinance.

Areas of Expertise