The Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) was established in March 1998 under an initiative of the Japanese government and with the support of Kanagawa Prefecture. Our aim is to achieve a new paradigm for civilization and conduct innovative policy development and strategic research for environmental measures, reflecting the results of research into political decisions for realising sustainable development both in the Asia-Pacific region and globally.

Member Projects

• Post2015 – The aim of this research project is to contribute to international discussions toward the establishment of sustainable development goals (SDGs) in the short term, and to propose policies and frameworks for a long-term transformation in human behaviour toward sustainable society. (
• Independent Research Forum (IRF) – The Independent Research Forum (IRF2015) is a collaboration of research institutes from across the globe, bringing together diverse analytical skills, cultural perspectives and networks to provide credible analysis and inform decision makers. (
• LCS-RNet – LCS-RNet is a practical platform of researchers/research organisations that are making close contributions to individual countries’ low-carbon policy-making processes. (
• APAN- The mission of APAN is to build climate change resilient and sustainable human systems, ecosystems and economies through the mobilisation of knowledge, enhanced institutional capacity and informed decision making‐processes, and facilitated access to finance and technologies. (

Areas of Expertise