The Cyprus Institute is a non-profit research and educational institution with a strong scientific and technological orientation. Its mission is to advance the fortunes of the people of Cyprus and the region through the benevolent use of science and technology and by acting as a technological gateway to and from Europe to the MENA region. Its scientific agenda is issue-oriented, addressing issues of regional importance and global significance and is carried out in three research centers: the Energy Environment Water Research Center, the Science and Technology in Archaeology Research Center, and the Computation-based Science and Technology Research Center.

Member Projects

  1. The Climate Change and Impacts Program: Funded by EU and a Cypriot cluster of programs, including a senior ERC grant (C8, Jos Lelieveld), this project develops detailed, high-resolution spatial and temporal predictions regarding climate change and its impact on the Eastern Mediterranean and explores possible adaptation strategies to ameliorate it.
  2. The CSP-DSW Program:  The Concentrated Solar Power – Desalinated Sea Water cluster of programs, funded by EU and Cypriot sources, develops technologies and methodology for the cogeneration of Electricity and Desalinated sea water using solar energy suited to island and coastal environments.
  3. The Water Management Program:  The program comprises a cluster of nationally and EU-funded projects (AGWATER, BEWATER, ENORASIS) that deal with the sustainable use of water, particularly in addressing agricultural water use and in light of anticipated changes in climate conditions.
  4. Environmental/Policy Management Program: Through two EU-funded projects (CLICO and RECARE), this program addresses the need for solid and reliable information for devising policy options that address environmental and natural-resource related developments under climate change.

Areas of Expertise