SIWI’s mission is to generate and promote knowledge, solutions and tools leading to water wise decisions for sustainable development. Through applied research and policy consultation, capacity-building in individuals and institutions, strategic communication to influence private and public sectors, and linking key actors across sectors, SIWI stimulates the development of innovative policies and scientifically based solutions to water-related challenges. SIWI is internationally active and politically neutral.

Member Projects

SIWI is engaged in an extensive multi-faceted portfolio of activities that seek to bridge science, policy and practice. Our work programme – consisting of scientific research, policy advice and consulting, project management, international training and capacity building programmes, advocacy and knowledge application tools – links leading-edge future-oriented thinking to decision-makers and users on the ground. One of SIWIs project is SWAR; a cooperation project between the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI), Sida, Swedish textile buying companies, and 35 of their suppliers in India, financed by the Swedish companies and Sida. The aim of the project is to improve water management in textile production processes and to build capacity of textile companies to work continuously with water management. This results in benefits for participating companies, the environment, and for other water users.

Another of SIWIs projects is a Water Integrity Capacity Building Programme; for which SIWI in collaboration with partners is implementing regional capacity building programmes on water integrity in 3 regions: sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and recently also Middle East and North Africa. The objective of the programme is to develop capacities of the different stakeholder groups and governance levels to improve transparency and accountability practices in water management. Participating partners are Water Integrity Network, Cap-Net and its affiliated networks, Integrity Action, Regional Economic Commissions in Africa and others.

Areas of Expertise