All Party Parliamentary Group for Sustainable Development of the National Assembly of the
Republic of Serbia (APPG) supports any initiative that aims to improve the distribution of wealth,
resources, and opportunities in the Republic of Serbia so that all citizens can enjoy basic standards
of human rights, health, education, safety, social benefits and other prerequisites for sustainable

APPG aims to:
1. Improve public health, especially primary health care and preventative care;
2. Improve social inclusion of youth, women and members of marginalized groups;
3. Contribute to development of stable institutions guaranteeing democracy, the rule of law
and respect for and protection of human rights and minority rights;
4. Contribute to the reduction of regional disparities and poverty;
5. Foster balanced regional development and local development initiatives with consideration
of the gender dimension and perspective development;
6. Contribute to national policies aimed at the protection and sustainable use of natural
resources, investing in the reduction of environmental pollution, development of cleaner
technologies, encouraging the use of renewable energy sources.

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