San Teh Foundation

  1. Helps students from families with financial difficulties to complete their university studies, by giving out scholarships and/or bursaries. Current Beneficiaries: Singapore Management University, Tamkang (Dan Jiang) University, Shandong Tai An University
  2. Makes donations to Da Li Hospital of both Xiamen, Fujian Province and Yunnan Province, for them to purchase medical equipment and supplies. These medical equipment and supplies can then be provided for free to elderly patients who have no financial ability to pay for their medical fees.
  3. Builds roads and infrastructure for people living in remote areas in China. Over the years, the Foundation has helped millions of people in rural villages. Now, the Foundation has moved its focus to providing sustainable, affordable yet quality housing to people who cannot afford the current, highly inflated real estate prices.
  4. Provides aid to victims of natural disasters​​. Since 2012, Mr Kao Shin Ping has always stressed on helping the victims of natural disasters, to help them rebuild their homes quickly.