The Royal Belgian Institute for Natural Sciences performs

  • Scientific research into natural sciences,
  • Scientific service for public authorities,
  • Conservation and management of scientific and heritage collections, and
  • Dissemination of scientific knowledge in society.

Member Projects

A project funded by the Belgian Directorate for Development Cooperation (DGD), the institute focuses on

  1. Capacity building on the basis of individual competitive grants on taxonomy, ecology and sustainable development related to biodiversity and ecosystem services both in Belgium and in Burundi, DR Congo, Benin, Peru and Vietnam.
  2. Capacity building on information management with Clearing House Mechanism,  and awareness raising initiatives in the framework of the Convention for Biological Diversity (CBD), mostly in African countries.
  3. Projects in sustainable development supported by the National Lottery which has for objective to increase the visibility of water and biodiversity in Brussels through collaborations between citizens neighbourhoods and the RBINS.  The goal is also to raise awareness among the citizens as well as among the decision making bodies on the possible new ways of managing the natural resources in the city.

Areas of Expertise