Formed in May 2012, the Network of Political Action for Sustainability – RAPS aims to contribute to the strengthening and improvement of democracy and republican institutions by supporting the training of political leaders to collaborate with Brazil’s transformation into a more just, prosperous, united, democratic and sustainable.

After the 2010 elections, the group of founders of RAPS acknowledged that this transformation should be fought in the political arena through the multi-party action and with different ideological hues. Also acknowledged that the country is in a moment of history in which there is a political-institutional space with open opportunities and synergies that allow the strengthening of a society movement for the realization of values, principles and projects aligned to sustainability.

It is revealing and encouraging to see new forms of political mobilization in society, as well as increasing participation of numerous entities and voices committed to sustainability in the debate on the economic and social process in the country. Meanwhile, just not only articulate civil society in defense of sustainability agenda, participate in the debate and push the political system. The challenge is political and it is here that we must act More: a. promoting the sustainability agenda is not (or can be) privilege one political group, one-party, but rather should reflect a priority of the Brazilian society. It is a project of the country.

Helping to build a more just, prosperous, compassionate, democratic and sustainable society requires working with all political leaders aligned to the values ​​and principles of ethics and sustainability. Through dialogue, the exchange of information, cooperation and transparency and Civic Friendship, is essential to search the current political leaders accessions to the sustainability agenda, and especially to identify, encourage and train new political leaders committed to this agenda.

It is increasingly evident that to bring about real change in a democratic country such as Brazil, it is necessary to do real politics, a transformative politics that engages relevant portion of citizenship.

Action is needed in politics.

RAPS born aligned to these objectives and intended to be an answer to how you can undertake in an innovative way for a sustainable political Brazil.


The Political Action Network for Sustainability.
To contribute to the improvement of the political process and the quality of Brazilian democracy by forming political leaders committed to the values ​​and principles of ethics, transparency and sustainability.