For us, sustainability means to find a balance between the interests and perspectives from the economic, social and ecological sector in order to secure a long-term sustainable development for the future.

We encourage people to make their decisions with respect to ecologic, economic and social aspects since we are convinced that everybody’s wealth is based on the three pillars economy, ecology and society. Through pushing only one pillar or disregarding another, the whole construction would become instable and break down at last. We can only enlarge our wealth through strengthening all three pillars. We want to focus on this understanding actively and integrate it into our everyday university life. This is how we make our contribution to a stable economic and social system on the long term as well as to a balanced environment.

This idea already existed in our founder’s heads in the year 1987 and that’s why they chose the name oikos. The Greek word oikos is the etymologic root of economy and ecology and stands for house or household.


In order to make this vision come true we will focus on four main competences:

  • Increase Awareness

We want to transfer the needed knowledge to employees and students of University of St. Gallen (HSG) so they will be able to act and decide economically, ecologically and socially sustainable in their everyday life.

  • Further Teaching Advancement

We want to be one of the main contributors to the pioneer role of University of St. Gallen (HSG) in the subject of sustainability. We do this through our own lectures but also through the advancement and overhauling of the current teaching. We also want to develop teasers in order to encourage the students to become active players in a sustainable economy.

  • Improve Leadership Skills

We encourage the students to apply their knowledge in practice and to live sustainability in a real environment. In this field we collaborate intensively with the economy.

  • Create Actively

We are working together with employees and students of University of St. Gallen (HSG) to shape our university as sustainable as possible. In addition, we work on particular projects in the city of St. Gallen and the St. Gallen region to actively promote and support a sustainable style of living.

Every single of these four competences can be identified in our day-to-day business and forms the basis for our success and future.