Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT) was established as an independent, industry-driven non-profit organization in 1993 and was formally incorporated as a company limited by guarantee on 15th October 1994. Between 2004 and 2010, MIGHT operates under the purview of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation. In 2011, MIGHT was transferred to the Prime Minister’s Department under the Science Advisor to the Prime Minister.

Under the patronage of YAB Prime Minister of Malaysia, MIGHT is governed by a Board of Directors, helmed through the joint-chairmanship of a prominent private sector personality and the Science Advisor to the Prime Minister.

MIGHT’s core purpose is addressing the country’s needs in response to the effects of globalization and trade liberalization on future economic growth through the accelerated use of high technology. MIGHT is subscribed to by private and public sector membership and has no shareholder. It exists to serve the needs of its members who represent the industry, government and academia. MIGHT also acts as a key interlocutor, bringing together policy and technology nurturing to advance high technology interests in Malaysia.

Today, three main roles for MIGHT in developing high technology industries for Malaysia continues on being a consensus building think tank, built through a membership program which remains as MIGHT’s main platform to build linkages. MIGHT also takes on the role of nurturing high-tech industries via catalytic interventions programmes when the need arises.

Uniquely positioned as the lead agency for the internationalization of science, technology and innovation in Malaysia, MIGHT provides members unparalleled access to global thought-leadership in technology centres of excellence around the world through its role as the co-secretariat of the Global Science Innovation and Advisory Council (GSIAC).

MIGHT continues to champion the nation’s high technology agenda and supports the Science Advisor to the Prime Minister in these endeavors. The merely launched Science To Action (S2A) initiative by the Prime Minister in November 2013 has provides a new impetus for MIGHT in its effort to ensure a wider reception of Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) by its key stakeholders in the nation – the industry, the people and the policymakers. Under this initiative, the focus will be on the growth targeted under the National Focus Standards.
Programmes and activities will include building strategic partnerships and alliances, technology acquisition and nurturing, capacity building as well as strengthening the growth of these sectors through policy interventions and flagship programmes.