The Interdisciplinary Center for Studies in Education and Development (CeiED) is an R & D unit consisting in the Lusophone University of Humanities and Technologies (ULHT) for the areas of Education, Heritage, Human Development and Museology. It has its origin in the Centre for Studies and Intervention in Education and Training (CeiEF), which was associated in early 2013, after several years of joint projects, researchers from the fields of human geography, museology and urban planning from the TERCUD (Centre Studies Territory, Culture and Development). In CeiED participating researchers from other university in Lusophone Group (ULP and ESEAG), public polytechnic higher education (polytechnics Castelo Branco, Portalegre and Santarém) and private (Superior Institute of Educational Sciences), as well as researchers working in other educational fields . The constitution of CeiED follows three main objectives: conduct scientific research quality and social relevance in the fields of Education and Human Development; (Ii) support the advanced training, lecturer of grades as set out in the law (doctorate, master’s and undergraduate); and (iii) promote the provision of services to the community, including contributing to a better initial training, continuous, specialized and postgraduate teachers and professional educators. At national level, the CeiED considers of primary importance to strengthen cooperation between units in the areas of Education Sciences and Policy and the Social Sciences and Humanities. It enters this purpose, the joint constitution with the Centre for Social Studies (CES-LA), the University of Coimbra, the Centre for Education and Training Policies (Op.Edu). The CeiED bet on a strong internationalization of its scientific activity and advanced training, which has gone through the enhancement of relationships and networks established in different linguistic and cultural spaces. Valuing the Anglo-American and French-speaking areas, the CeiED assume, given its location in a university that has the Portuguese-speaking world as its founding matrix, in networking priority and cooperative modes in Lusophone Area and the European Union- Space Latin America, where he leads one of the most active and representative university networks (RIAIPE). In scientific dissemination, the CeiED is responsible, among other publications, the issue of Lusophone Journal of Education, an international journal present in major world indices. The CeiED integrates, in an interdisciplinary way, research and advanced training. It is organized in three research groups: – Education, Identities and Public Policy – Learning, Behavior and Training – Culture, Memory and Territory.