Since 1996, Littoral et vie has been involved in local and international projects and has experimented with different teaching interventions for adults and students of all ages in coastal communities to involve them in local environmental actions. The Group also does research from these interventions.

Member Projects

  • Builders of a sustainable neighbourhood (Biodiversity restoration at Le Village en haut du ruisseau) : A restoration project where students learn sustainable planning and put their knowledge into action.
  • The study of exemplary biodiversity restoration projects : Various biodiversity restoration structures are noted ad well as the technical, ecological and social factors that successfully influenced biodiversity restoration initiatives in Canada and in France.
  • If it Floods!: A project where students learn about the impacts of flooding on shorebirds, humans and infrastructure and try to increase their resiliency by preparing themselves, their families and their community.
  • Sustainable practices at school, in your home and in the community : Students learn about sustainable practices and implement some ideas at school and in their neighborhood.
  • Like an Oyster!: With scientists, students learn about the quality of the water in the bay and add oysters on an existing oyster reef so they can filter the water and improve its quality.

Areas of Expertise