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OT-Med (Objectif Terre: Bassin Méditerranéen) is a “Laboratoire d’excellence” (LABEX) selected by the French program « Investissements d’Avenir ». It was founded in 2012 for the duration of 8 years. It brings together 9 research laboratories and 1 research federation specialized in different fields: environmental sciences, law, economy and social sciences.
The research of OT-Med is focused on global change and natural hazards in the Mediterranean basin and semi-arid regions of Sahel.

Member Projects

1   WP1. Understanding and evaluating Mediterranean climatic changes and natural hazards :
2   WP2. Impact of climate and anthropogenic changes on Mediterranean ecosystems and services they provide :
3   WP3. Human-environmental interaction: perception, adaptation and mitigation :
4   TWP1. The observation systems and databases :
5   TWP2. Toward an integrated modelling of the Mediterranean systems :

Areas of Expertise