Kadir Has University (KHU) was founded in 1997 in Istanbul, Turkey. The university, with its five faculties of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences, Communication, Law and Fine Arts, as well as its several vocational schools, is dedicated to becoming a leader in educational and cultural fields in Turkey, as well as establishing itself as an international center for research and scientific development.

Member Projects

  1. Raising Awareness in Energy Efficiency of Household Appliances and Climate Change: a UNDP supported project within the framework of Market Transformation of Energy Efficient Appliances in Turkey, in partnership with the Energy and Climate Change Foundation 
  2. Climate Change and Sustainable Energy in Turkey:  This project was carried out by ENIVA (Energy and Climate Change Foundation) at Kadir Has University and resulted in the publication of a book.
  3. Kadir Has University is a partner to IGLUS (Innovative Governance of Large Urban Systems). Cities and urban agglomerations have become complex socio-technical systems. Infrastructure (energy, transport, communications, water, wastewater, solid waste, etc.) plays a key role in the sustainability and global competitiveness of these systems. The IGLUS Executive Masters and related programs offer a combined theoretical and practical approach to governing and managing the main challenges complex urban systems face today. It is structured around five cities, each of which stands for one of the main challenges any city faces today:
      • Guadalajara, Mexico – The social challenge (peoples and inequalities)
      • Istanbul, Turkey – The cultural challenge (contrasts and bridges)
      • Detroit & Chicago, USA – The economic challenge (decline and renewal)
      • Hong Kong, China – The political challenge (local or national?)
      • Dubai, United Arab Emirates – The environmental challenge (Growth and/or sustainability?)

Areas of Expertise