The Interstate School of Veterinary Science and Medicine (EISMV) of Dakar is a regional institution of higher education and research in animal production and animal health based in Dakar (Senegal). It has an experience of over 40 years and includes 15 countries in 3 geographical areas of Africa south of the Sahara including Western Central and Eastern Africa.

Up until this date, it has trained several generations of veterinarians and technicians who are major players in the agricultural development in members and non-members states. Its courses are at different levels (initial training of veterinarians, continuing education for professionals, training of trainers, and training of researchers). In addition, the services provided by its technical platforms cover all areas of animal production and health (disease diagnosis, formulation of livestock rations, advice to producers, food analysis, etc.). Otherwise, EISMV collaborates with various actors (States, Universities, research institutes, NGOs, professional associations, agro-food industries, development partners, etc.). The school puts its skills for sustainable development and is open to the diverse and effective partnership.

Apart from teaching and expertise, EISMV conducts research, by developing its own projects or collaborating with other universities and research institutions at local, regional or international level. The objectives are to provide solutions for priority concerns of member countries on the one hand, and to contribute to scientific progress in general on the other. It seeks to innovate by developing local resources and develop a participatory process for sustainable development.