The Institute for Sustainable Futures manages the relationship between the SDSN and the University of Technology Sydney. The Institute was established to create change towards sustainable futures through independent, project-based research. The Institute leads research in both Australia and the Asia-Pacific that addresses the global challenges of sustainable and equitable development; our work covers sustainable energy and water management, poverty reduction and human rights, natural resource management and climate change adaptation, urban development and corporate sustainability. Through research, innovation and partnership we work with governments, donors, non-governmental organizations and the private sector to collaboratively develop new insights and solutions.

Member Projects

1    Small enterprise in water and sanitation services
Research into the role of small-scale enterprise to address the human right to water and sanitation in Indonesia, Vietnam and Timor-Leste, including how to optimise the roles of public sector, private sector and civil society organisations in sustainable service provision for the poor.
2    Effective climate change adaptation
Partnership with Plan International Australia in Philippines to support research and analysis of their program that integrates traditional knowledge and practice with scientific knowledge to enable communities to enhance their resilience to climate change.
3    Intelligent Grid
ISF was Cluster Leader for this Australian collaboration between the CSIRO and five universities to investigate technologies and practices to make our electricity networks smart, greener and more efficient.
4    Gender and equity in water management
With World Health Organisation (WHO) this research explores gender and equity aspects of Water Safety Planning, and aims to assess and strengthen practice, outcomes and monitoring in relation to gender and equity, including case studies in Philippines, Nepal and Bangladesh.
5    Research into the impact of global phosphorus scarcity on agriculture has been a recent focus for the Institute, leading it to instigate the formation of the Global Phosphorus Research Initiative to facilitate quality interdisciplinary research on this issue.

Areas of Expertise