The systemic failure of the globalization of the economy has resulted in significant changes in trade worldwide. In Africa, dynamic adjustments required by these changes may only take place when companies, public and private are equipped with high-level managers. Supdeco, having long understood this, and has relied on a proven educational program, a high-quality faculty and openness to international markets, to meet the needs of ever-changing African businesses.

Thus, the Dakar SupdeCo Group has earned a reputation and influence has long surpassed the borders of Senegal. This is worth it to accommodate more than 25 nationalities.

The mission of SupdeCo Dakar is to provide public and private institutions of the African executives with strategic vision and to equip them with skills to meet the challenges of a world. Its success SupdeCo Dakar has built on its particular ability to offer diversified programs in perfect harmony with the expectations of the professional world.