The mission of the Global Association is to carry forward the recommendations (and amendments) of the International Commission on Education for Sustainable Development Practice report by supporting the successful implementation of graduate education programs that equip development practitioners with the skills needed to address the complex challenges of sustainable development. While adhering to the Commission’s report and its amendments, the Global Association values the uniqueness of each MDP program including their geographical region and general area of expertise. The mission of the Global Association will expand in step with the evolution of the network.

Member Projects

  1. Assist academic institutions seeking to establish Master’s in Development Practice (MDP) programs and also help to development the programs’ curricula, resources and standards;
  2. Maintain an open-source, virtual library for curricula and other course-related resources for the programs;
  3. Organize meetings and conferences on sustainable development for MDP programs and other interested institutions;
  4. Support the online synchronous “Global Classroom” course on sustainable development practice;
  5. Strengthen the global network of MDP programs through collaboration and evaluation.

Areas of Expertise