The Brazilian Biodiversity Fund (Funbio) is a non-profit civil association. It is an innovative financial mechanism for the development of strategies that contribute to the implementation of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity in Brazil.

Member Projects

1. Funjus (Sustainable Juruti Fund)
Is a financial mechanism to support sustainable development initiatives in the municipality of Juruti, in the Amazon. The fund was capitalized with resources from the mining company Alcoa who has a bauxite mine in the site.

2. TFCA – Tropical Forest Conservation Act
TFCA account, receives resources from a bilateral agreement between Brazil and USA for conservation and sustainable development projects in remaining patches of Atlantic Forest, Cerrado, and Caatinga. Link:

3. Mechanism for the Conservation of Biodiversity in the state of Rio de Janeiro (FMA/RJ)
The Atlantic Forest Fund of Rio de Janeiro (FMA/RJ) was developed by Funbio to foster environmental investments in the state, especially using environmental compensation resources from the private sector. Link:

4.  National Project for Integrated Public-Private Partnership for Biodiversity (PROBIO II)
Probio II is aimed encouraging key economics sectors to adopt the principles and practices of the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in their business activities. Link:

5.  Fauna Brasil Portfolio
It is a financial mechanism that receives resources from criminal sanctions, environmental fines, and other sources with objective to finance programs and projects for the conservation of Brazilian wildlife. Link:

Areas of Expertise