FUNBIO is a private civil non-profit association, mobilizing resources and offering services for biodiversity conservation.

FUNBIO is structured in four program areas that act in unison. Management of Programs and Projects, Design and Management of Financial Mechanisms, Climate Change Program and Clean Energy Projects, International Network Projects.

Management of Programs and Projects: Operationalizes the funds being made available for initiatives in the field. Through this team, FUNBIO transforms the financial resources into essential goods and services for the implementation of projects and the consolidation of protected areas (PAs) in all Brazilian biomes.

Design and Management of Financial Mechanisms: Works in the construction and consolidation of innovative financial mechanisms that provide increased resources for biodiversity conservation and operation in a financially sustainable manner.

Climate Change and Clean Energy Programs: Aims to contribute to reducing emissions of greenhouse gases given that this is a responsibility that should be shared with all the nations. Funbio and the programs in which it participates include mitigation efforts against the most severe negative impacts on biodiversity caused by climate change.

International Network Projects: The collective construction of knowledge and the exchange of experiences contribute to the development of innovative solutions and dissemination of best practices in financing conservation. Funbio participates in international networks and leads projects strengthening institutions and the systematization of information.