Fundación Metrópoli belongs to the emerging generation of “intellectual capital institutions” dedicated to creating and sharing knowledge towards building a sustainable future. It is an international organisation that aspires to contribute, from a global perspective, to the innovation and development of cities and regions, acting as a catalyst for the lasting and positive transformation of our cities and landscapes in the 21st century.

To meet its objectives and assist in the development of its programmes and activities, the Fundación Metrópoli has established strategic partnerships with the Eisenhower Fellowships, University of Pennsylvania, Urban Land Institute (ULI), Partners for Livable Communities, International Society of City and Regional Planners (ISOCARP), Arab Urban Development Institute (AUDI), University City Science Center (UCSC), Labein Tecnalia, and Asmoa Zero (the incubator of the Fundación Metrópoli). In addition to its knowledge partners is an International Advisory Council comprised of 71 urban experts, as well as a network of collaborating universities and cities.