The Fowler Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit exists to advance the scholarship and practice of flourishing enterprise. It is allied with like-minded initiatives helping all institutions create prosperity while nourishing human and natural systems.

Flourishing Enterprise is about people being inspired every day and bringing their whole selves to work; it’s about innovation arising from everywhere; and it’s about realizing remarkable relationship value with stakeholders — customers, employees, communities, and the biosphere — to create unprecedented, enduring business advantage.

— David Cooperrider

The Fowler Center’s primary focus is on for-profit organizations that use their core activities to create value for society and the environment in ways that create even more value for their customers and shareholders; its primary vehicle for effecting change is Positive Organizational Science and Appreciative Inquiry. We are drawing on expertise and tools such as design, sustainable value, Appreciative Inquiry, and systems thinking to build and maintain prosperity and flourishing.

The Fowler Center works selectively with nonprofits, cities, and regions where doing so advances flourishing. It does not place emphasis on adjacent domains such as business ethics, governance, green business or social responsibility when it is part of a loss-making venture, or charity and philanthropy. A tight strategic focus ensures the development of distinctive capabilities and a recognizable brand for a relatively small Center in a mid-sized Management School with an influence bigger than its size.