The Federazione Internazionale per lo sviluppo sostenibile e la lotta alla povertà nel Mediterraneo-Mar Nero (FISPMED), which translates to the International Federation for Sustainable Development and Poverty Alleviation in the Mediterranean-Black Sea is composed of associations, foundations, agencies, cooperatives, and other institutions that are engaged in the theme of sustainable development, addressing poverty, environmental protection, economic promotion, and dialogue among cultures and religions in the Mediterranean-Black Sea. Among the institutions included in the “Federation” are universities; local, regional, and national authorities; and international organizations.

Member Projects

  1. The Development of Mediterranean Food Culture To Encourage Sustainable Territorial Development: FISPMED is leading this project with several partners, including the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Ministry for Agricultural Policies, and the Municipality of Solarino;
  2. Working Together Development: the organization is leading this project with the Association of local Democracy Agencies, and the Unione Europea;
  3. Biennale Habitat 2012: the project is done in partnership with HabitatLAB Onlus;
  4. Operation Delphis: The Mediterranean sea has one of the highest dolphins and whales presence rates of the world, and in order to better study and protect these creatures, thousands of sailors and pleasure boaters, real nature lovers, cooperate with science are taking part in Operation Delphis;
  5. Mediterraneo Video Festival: The Mediterraneo Video Festival is an international documentary cinema contest, which is a meeting and exchange place for  the international documentary cinema community, that gives particular attention to the cinema reflecting human diversity and difference comprehension. It promotes the respect for local identities and foster intercultural dialogue.

Areas of Expertise